• “The Best of the Bee Gees Show are consummate professionals and excellent musical performers.”

    George Ellis. Conductor.

  • “The Best of the Bee Gees Show really know what they are doing and are such a pleasure to work with”

    Andrew Heron, – Manager, Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Best of the Bee Gees Orchestrated

The Bee Gees music was recorded using live Orchestra’s from the beginning.

The Best of the Bee Gees Show’s long-term commitment to presenting the Bee Gees music 100% live has brought the band to this juncture.

Their recent performance with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra to 15,000 people has inspired the band to perform select shows with ensembles up to a full Symphony Orchestra, venue permitting.

Fully Charted and Scored by some of the best in the business ensures the music is authentic. Featuring one of World Conductors Mr George Ellis, this show is of the highest standard, with the ability to travel to all parts of the globe.

There is nothing better than hearing live Strings and Brass when listening to this beautiful music as it was originally recorded.

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